Best Canadian Whiskies To Try In 2022

Canada is home to some really good Whiskies that have gone under the radar.

In this article, we would like to bring them out to you and make sure they get the recognition they deserve.

We will categorize the whiskies in segments so you can choose what you want!

Best Overall – Danfield’s Limited Edition 21 years

Best Budget – Canadian Mist

Best Rye – Lot 40 Canadian Rye

Best Blended – Crown Royal Deluxe

Best Single Barrel – Caribou Crossing Single Barrel

Best Aged – Alberta Premium 30 years

Best Overall: Danfield’s Limited Edition 21 years

Unfortunately, this is available only in Canada. But, if you have a chance to get this, please do!

One of the exceptionally tasting and smooth Blends, Danfiel’s Limited Edition is not so sweet and not so oaky. There are hints of spices like pepper and cloves and this should only elevate the overall taste. 

The finish is long and lingering with tangy flavors.

Best Budget: Canadian Mist

With under $ 20 as the price tag, you have to try this one for its sheer fruity aromas and the consistency in tasting from nose to finish. 

The overall finish is not long, but will definitely make you feel satisfied for its little spiciness because of the Rye and exceptional fruitiness. Check Canadian Mist Whiskey review here.

Best Rye:   Lot 40 Canadian Rye

A very balanced Rye Whisky, Lot 40 is balanced in its flavor profile and its palate is buttery and smooth.

With some notes of Fruit and Vanilla, this is the example of perfectly balanced Rye Whiskey.

Best Blended:  Crown Royal Deluxe

This blended whiskey is a blend of 50 different whiskies and aged in oak barrels. Due to the blend of several whiskies, you can note the complexity in its profile.

However, it is sweet and smooth overall and should definitely not make you shrink your face.

Best Single Barrel: Caribou Crossing Single Barrel

This whisky is made from Corn and Rye grains and is aged in only one single barrel. Meaning, every bottle of whisky is bottled from only a single barrel of Whisky. 

This ensures there is no blend of other flavors and hence there is a unique, rich flavor with hints of Vanilla, Honey and spice.

Best Aged: Alberta Premium 30 years

This is a rare whisky because the company produced only 8400 bottles. The finish is sweet and smooth and the flavor profile is rich in Vanilla and Fruitcakes.

There is also a tangy citrus finish that feels good when finished.